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All you need to know about Pune’s Proposed Ring Road!

Pandemic or no pandemic, the traffic situation all across the nation is getting worse at an alarming rate. People are upgrading from a two-wheeler to a four-wheeler and those who have a car are buying more vehicles per home. This is causing congestion not only in the residential areas but out there on the streets as well. People trying to reach the office on time get stuck in traffic and the bottleneck roads are getting tighter by the day. There has to be a solution to end the traffic woes. Pollution is a byproduct that cannot be disregarded, but owning an electric vehicle doesn’t solve the traffic problem either. In Pune, the traffic condition is getting worse with every passing day and a Ring Road is the only viable solution that can at least begin to solve the problem. Of course, that’s not the ‘only’ solution, but it’s quite a solution for starters. This article would talk about the plan that’s underway of creating Pune’s Ring Road and what are the updates on it.


The idea of developing a Ring Road in Pune to uplift connectivity in Pune and its suburban areas was conceptualised way back in 2007. The project was put on hold due to a lack of sufficient funds. As per some recent developments regarding the Ring Road, the 173-km-long Ring Road project received a nod from the state government and approval of funds amounting to INR 26,831 crore, including construction and land acquisition costs. MSRDC (Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation) has initiated a JMS (Joint Measurement Survey) pertaining to the eastern part of the Ring Road.

As mentioned earlier, Pune Ring Road would solve a few of many problems, including the pollution problem, which would be reduced by 25% once the Proposed Ring Road is completed. The Proposed Ring Road would be a boon to the vehicles traveling to prominent areas such as Konkan, Ahmednagar, Saswad, Nashik and Mumbai. These vehicles would no longer pass through the city, causing traffic congestion and air and noise pollution. The Ring Road would be a major catalyst in reducing the travel time and distance.

Let’s talk numbers

The Roadmap

The 173-km long circular Ring Road does more than just reduce the congestion and pollution problems, but also opens up various investment opportunities for real estate projects located alongside the Ring Road. Once the Ring Road is operational, these micro-markets will potentially transform into residential hubs flaunting easy connectivity. The Ring Road is said to connect six major highways that pass through the city:

  • Pune-Ahmednagar Highway (NH-753F)
  • Pune-Bengaluru Highway (NH-4)
  • Pune-Mumbai Highway (NH-48)
  • Pune-Nashik Highway (NH-60)
  • Pune-Saswad-Palkhi Marg (NH-965)
  • Pune-Solapur Highway (NH-65)

The developments are quite informative that need another article to be explained in detail and digested well for a better understanding. The next article would cover areas such as the phases of development, the impact of the Ring Road on real estate prices.

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