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DIY decor tips to liven up homes this monsoon!

After scorching and sweaty days of summer, the gloomy skies, earthy smell and constant drizzle bring a sigh of relief. Perhaps, this is what excites people for the arrival of the monsoons. The air in the room changes and brings a sense of rejuvenation, and acts as a mood changer that helps one keep their calm.

Rains bring back to life the lush greens, a whoosh of cool breeze, and a beautiful atmosphere all around to gaze at. It’s a season where one is obliged to stop their day, and sit down with a cup of coffee and cosy lighting, whilst enjoying the sound of the rain. Unlike other seasons, monsoons result in a lot of time spent indoor. However, spending time in closed spaces with dull walls and interiors often dampens the season and your mood. Here are some decor tips to help you enhance the beauty of home this season.

  1. Freshness of the inside lies in the fragrance:

The dampness in the air and its lingering smell is a big nuisance, especially on days when you are confined to the walls of your home. The simplest way to fight that is to indulge in indoor gardening. It helps make the surroundings green, changes the outlook of your balcony, and makes your home feel like a sanctuary, whilst keeping odour and dampness away.

  1. Give a makeover to your walls:

Modern day aesthetics are all about pastel colours. Imagine an accent wall with a light shade of blue and woody furniture. Or if pop colours appease you, a fine coat of pink with rustic furniture will give a complete makeover? Now that’s something which will definitely cheer you up on a rainy day and change the look of your house.

  1. Add in the right accessories and furniture:

Another way to add some decor on a budget is with monsoon themed accessories. Rain brings in the dreadful affair of muddy shoes and dirty umbrellas. There is a solution to avoid that, by investing in accessories and furniture like a coat hanger and an umbrella stand. This will help you save your hassle of cleaning up your home and act as a statement decor item.

  1. Use textiles that complement the rainy weather:

Heavy textiles and carpets are a big no during monsoons. Live-in up the place with the textile choices for monsoon that speaks your soul. Opt for lighter fabrics that do not retain excessive moisture, such as cotton, linen, and bamboo.  Incorporate them into your curtains, cushions, and upholstery, which will enhance the overall vibe of your space and yet be comfortable.

  1. Don’t forget to water proof your home and surroundings:

With all the shine and bright, it is essential that home decor is secured from leakages with water proofing this season. Invest in the best of the waterproofing solutions which will ensure the longevity of your home and also upscale your interiors and exteriors.

With these tips, its as easy as 1,2 3 to elevate your monsoon decor and embrace the rainy season. Why wait? go on to create a cozy and refreshing ambience that complements the rainy weather.

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