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Home buying tips: Which apartment floor is the best choice? 

Owning a home is a calculated decision. Customers are often spoiled for choice with a plethora of options to choose. Be it in terms of the developers, size, amenities, prices, or even layouts.  Apart from all these factors and considerations like budget, and locality, there’s one dilemma that’s left overlooked. And that’s choosing the right floor!

This article specifically talks about the different floor levels – top, middle, low, and will help you decide which floor is best for you.

But before we delve deeper, let’s understand that there is no right or wrong answer to this. Apartment floor choice entirely depends on your personal preferences. While some opt for the idea of city views, others prefer easy accessibility and functionalities. 

Is the view from your home a top priority? If yes, the higher floors are your ideal choice. They’ll offer beautiful views to enjoy from your balcony, and bring along plenty of natural light & ventilation. Plus, top floor apartments are less prone to theft as well as pest attack. You’ll be above all the unwanted noise, dust and pollution. And while the electricity bills in winters will be low, they’ll might shoot up  in summers due to usage of AC & refrigerators on a frequent basis. Other flip sides of living on the top floor apartments include that shifting is quite a task and when natural calamity strikes, it can be frightening to use the stairs instead of a lift. 

Top floors are not recommended for families with elderly and those with a tight budget, as apartments in the higher floors are more with the floor rise premium.

Should I opt for the lower floor apartments then?