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Homebuying Tips for the Millennials!

As much as we think we know about the millennial generation, they tend to keep surprising us with a lot many things. Our assumptions are that this generation is spendthrift, careless (rather, carefree) and insanely rebellious, they are also inventors who have begun their own startups, they are investors who know to use their money wisely and predominantly, they are artists who love to create. The millennial generation is also intelligent enough to land a job they love and earn a 5- or even 6-digit salary. So, why do you think they need tips to buy a home? Well, there are so many real estate developers offering the same stuff for a different price, in different locations with different facilities. This article would give them a heads up for things they need to look out for while they are buying or investing in a property.

Plan out your savings

First and foremost, the generation, that’s popular for being an impatient and impulsive kind, needs to chalk out their needs. Yes, they are spendthrifts. They think of investing in the momentary or short-term benefits rather than long-term ones because, who knows, what happens tomorrow? Firstly, their savings plan needs to be put in place. When they can control their expenses, they can make room for buying a home that would be theirs to call. When you pick your priorities right, everything after falls into its rightful place. At first, all this seems preachy to this generation, but then, it’s wisdom speaking out of the experience.

Find creative solutions, instead of making excuses

Yes, this again sounds like what our parents lecture us all day, but the millennial generation is genuinely creative. They can find creative ways to get out of a tricky situation and when they apply that thinking process to bigger issues, they can be real problem solvers the world needs. If you think your job isn’t enough to save, you always have a side hustle that’s lurking somewhere in your friend’s garage or your relative’s office. Take that up!

Establish your network with the developers

This would be quite a leap from making new friends in college and office to building a network of real estate professionals. It indeed helps in a big way because you’ll come to know the current price trends, new and upcoming projects, and the future market conditions. This can be the key factor that would be a long-term advantage. The real benefit, however, lies in understanding the financial aspects that go into buying a home. The price is not only a single factor. The add-ons such as stamp duty, registration, maintenance, metro cess, interest rates on home loans and all those things come to light.

Learn all about real estate & decide what you want

These days, with easy access to the internet, the millennial generation is blessed with data overload and they have the prerogative to choose what they wish to absorb. They can get to know every detailed aspect of the real estate industry and understand how the industry works so that they can make an informed and calculated decision. It’s better to research, and know where to invest. Staying in touch with real estate experts, friends, and relatives who are into property investment or financial experts, is surely earn them a brownie point.

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