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How the environment impacts the usage of construction materials!

Buildings are large entities and, as such, they have a significant impact upon the environment in various ways. Construction projects around the world are known for their long-term environmental impact and damage- the environment, both on a local and a global scale.

New age designs also consume large quantities of physical resources including materials, energy and money for construction, maintenance and use. Construction activity has a long-term impact on landfills and contributes to air, water, and noise pollution. Buildings disrupt the natural environment.

Every stage of the construction process has a long-standing environmental impact: right from mining which is used to source materials, to the transportation of materials to the construction site from sources around the world, the main building process itself, and its demolition and waste removal, every process disturbs nature in one way or another.

Climate change experts believe that human activity is the biggest contributor to the warming of Earth. Construction firms are responsible for large-scale carbon dioxide emissions, which are accelerating this process. Carbon dioxide emissions due to burning fossil fuels like gas and diesel in the process are responsible for the same. The gas gets trapped in our atmosphere, creating a “greenhouse effect” that warms the Earth over a long period of time.

Every construction project results in the emission of carbon dioxide, methane, and other waste products at every step. These gases pollute the atmosphere and contribute to global climate change. The operation of heavy machinery in mining projects to extract raw materials from the Earth for use in construction projects is the most hazardous aspect of construction and a major factor in climate change.

Figures state that the global cement industry contributes about 5% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Applications of fuel and electricity for the construction process are also major contributors to the event.

With a rapidly changing global scenario, it is crucial that the industry takes charge to build a sustainable future for the future. It is the need of the hour to undertake united action to measure and reduce the impact in the future.

At RGS Realty, we believe this change begins with us. We are seeking to make positive changes to our ways of working, and in the materials used and production, to minimise the negative effects of construction. We strive to build new biodiverse areas that stand strong on the foundation of goodness and sustainability to protect the environment for future generations.