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Prepping up your home for summer!

Just like every season, summer is a season where we enjoy it the most in the beginning and slowly begin to despise it and how it gets hotter. With the mercury rising, our frustration to reluctantly go out for work rises too. While some look at this season as the season of joy and take their timeout to refresh, some also look at this season as an opportunity to prep up their homes where they would probably be spending most of their time. This article would give you some ‘cool’ (pun intended) tips & tricks to make your home summer-ready. These are not just for the season of summer, but if implemented well, these tips can be an all-season wonder. Here we go –

Let your rooms breathe

Every home has a personality of its own. If you treat your home like a marketplace, it would eventually suffocate itself and you’d not have any ‘breathing space’. And when we’re talking about summer, ‘breathing space’ is what we need the most. That’s what your rooms need too. Try to keep the interior elements to the minimum during summers so that there’s plenty of room for you to breathe. This would eventually make your home elevate its looks aesthetically as well.

Organize your space

When there’s enough breathing space, this brings us to the next logical step – organize what’s left out. We practically cannot throw things out of our homes just because one season isn’t favourable. So, it’s important for us to organize and declutter our space so that you get to rest in a proper place and your home looks presentable when guests arrive. Fill your closet with the summer wear that you’d be needing often. Put away those winter and rainy season clothes in the cabinet. You won’t need them for now.

Gardening would be fun

Summer is when you and plants get enough sunlight all day. So, while you are getting a surplus of Vitamin D, your plants are loving photosynthesis as well. Make sure they do not burn out though. Place those plants in such a way they get enough sunlight during the day, and get enough shade in the afternoons. Make sure you give them enough water and compost. They won’t like it if you make them starve. Do it well and your garden would be an ideal place for you to sit out and sip a cup of coffee, read a book and enjoy the weather.

Make your indoors lively

When summer is on its high, all that we need in our indoors is a fan, an air-cooler or an air-conditioner, but there can be more. Your interiors can be more refreshing if you add an element of fun or aesthetics to them. Be it a simple glass plate with some colourful pebbles, a lampshade or a glass vase would also do the trick. The purpose of having fun interiors is to fill the space with life.

Let there be light & ventilation

Sometimes, it can be a problem if there’s plenty or no light and ventilation. Having it in the right quantity is what makes the place so beautiful. Curtain up your homes and make sure there’s cross-ventilation in your home so that it doesn’t feel humid inside. Keep those windows open, but ensure there’s meshing so that mosquitoes do not accompany you during work or play. Summer is to be enjoyed with plenty of sunlight and ventilation in your home, and not just outside.

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