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Rising Numbers of Women Home Buyers!

There are stories written all over about how it’s been a “Man’s World” and the male population is the reason behind the kind of progress the world has witnessed so far. The masculine side of the story is very believable but there are some hard truth pills that these patriarchal societies won’t be able to swallow. One of them is – women are in fact equally responsible and they need to be given the credit where it’s due. This article is not meant to spark any debate on whether or not men are important or women are not, but to specifically highlight the fact that women are slowly becoming independent and capable of owning a home with their hard-earned money, rather than depending on their male family members.

A shift in the Household Dynamics

Now that the generations are learning more about co-dependency and accepting the fact that finding food, clothing and shelter is not a gender-specific duty, they are progressing the right way. While the pandemic just acted as the catalyst or an eye-opener, many realized that the job women do at home is not as easy as it sounds. Many role-reversals have happened during these last couple of years. From saving in gold or fixed deposits, women have started to invest more in bonds, stock, mutual funds and even real estate. That’s where women got into the driver’s seat. Well, they got in much before, technically, but the pandemic put them in the spotlight.

According to a recent survey, the majority of Indian women’s preference for real estate increased since COVID-19, from 57% in the pre-pandemic era to 62% in the current period. In yet another study conducted by a renowned property consultant, it came to light that women respondents agreed on housing was their favourite asset class, even more than men. Approximately 82% of surveyed women intended to buy a home for themselves, while 18% intended to buy a home as an investment.

Women (in) Power

It is implied that women are able to run more than just a home. They are even capable of buying one and paying the bills on their own. Both men and women have influenced the real estate market in the pandemic years to bring about this shift. Women, especially, have garnered major interest from the government as well as banks in terms of home loans and lower interest rates. This has led more women towards purchasing a home in their early working years.

It was because of the pandemic, RERA got a bit lenient and made some provisions in favour of the customers to boost the real estate sales. One of the biggest boosts was the announcement by the Maharashtra state government to offer a 1% concession on stamp duty if the house is registered in a woman’s name.

Apart from that, it was the multitude of other benefits such as low or no stamp duty, lowest home loan rates, and assurance of project delivery by RERA, presented the best opportunity for all women to look at real estate as the primary asset class.

Making the Right Choice

When it comes to buying a home, it is as important as choosing a life partner. The comparison is uncanny but it implies the gravitas of making the right choice. Selecting a home with the right traits of spacious living areas, open spaces, amenities, and places of convenience like schools, hospitals, markets and even your workplace nearby is of utmost importance.

At RGS Realty, we believe that owning a property is something that goes beyond gender. Our homes are uniquely designed in such a way that they suit the individualistic needs of everyone. With every project located at prime locations, women homebuyers can now consider being a part of a community that supports a progressive mindset. If you wish to know more about who we are or what we do, please visit www.rgsrealty.com