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Rising trends in Indian real estate!

One of the most potent investment options that have the power to change your life is real estate. It is the ideal go-to for anyone that seeks a low-risk investment that is bound to pay off in the near future. India has been running hot for more than a decade and has joined the technologically advanced nations of the world. Soaring high, the innovative minds of the upcoming generations and the stable stronghold of the older generations have set a path straight towards newfound heights. While India goes through enormous developments, the real estate prices in prominent cities of India are skyrocketing. The nearby towns and under-developed areas have become a part of major cities. They are developing at unimagined speeds, and many have become hubs for numerous industries and SEZs.

Changed Indian Mentality

COVID-19 was a real eye-opener for everyone. Before the pandemic, India was consistently on the way up, and like any other economy, it took a major hit that probably setback us for a few years. During this time, most people exhausted their savings to provide for the livelihood of their families with little to no money coming in. All expenses were cut down, and money was spent on things of the utmost importance. Even the investment patterns have changed completely. No one is willing to put their money in any place where there’s a risk factor. People only decide if they are convinced on how that particular investment is going to pay off and in how much time. This is why real estate is an investor’s best friend.

Rising Trends in Indian Real Estate

As the pandemic continues its uninvited stay, it has brought along significant changes in consumer behaviour. Real estate is a buyer’s market and with evolved mentalities of the Indians, many are prepared to pay premium rates for quality real estate replete with superlative construction and top-notch amenities. There’s also a rising demand for designated workspaces and fitness areas in homes owing to the work-from-home and workout-from-home trend that’s been going on for a while now. The interest rates on home and property loans are at an all-time low and this has boosted homeownership all over India. A vast majority of people are preferring ready-to-move-in properties because no one knows how long the pandemic will last, and there could still be a potential for lockdown which would halt the construction processes. As mentioned earlier, there’s almost no room for risk in the minds of the consumers. 

The Internet has connected the world in an imaginable way. It has enabled people to research the builder, the location, the kind of property they wish to invest in, and even the approximate price of the property. Consumers also depend on the internet for the feedback and reviews of someone else’s experience with the builder which brings them clarity about their deal. 

The market is changing by the day and so are the trends. From consumer behavior to the spending pattern, quite a lot has changed since the pandemic. The future of real estate in India is most certainly is a bright one. The latest technological advancements and industrial developments have created a lucrative real estate market with the potential of a gold mine. 

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