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Tips to choose the best between New & Resale Property!

Any decision, if not thoroughly thought through, can lead to troubles and unexpected stresses along the way. In today’s world, investors have become extremely picky and have little to no tolerance for a risk factor involved in their investment process. To ensure that, the smarter part of the population prioritizes doing personal research on the internet and taking help from counsellors and experts of the market. Investments like real estate involve a significant sum of money, and you can never be too careful! You might ask which type of property is a better investment option, a Brand-new property or a resale property? Let’s find out, shall we?

About New Properties

Who doesn’t love the idea that you can be a home’s very first owner? The moment you step into your new homes it gives you a flashback of how your life used to be and how it is now. Homes, apart from the obvious financial value, are worth a lot more emotionally.

  • Everything around you is new, from the appliances to the colour of your wall, so less maintenance is required
  • They often have better safety features and fewer health hazards because they conform to the contemporary building codes
  • Many home builders offer warranties in case certain problems develop over time which protects your investment and guarantees that the problems would be solved
  • You have the flexibility to choose exactly the kind of property you want and customize it to your heart’s content
  • The appliances and wiring installed in your property are of the latest technology and trends
  • New properties feature modern architecture, layout, and advanced construction techniques
  • Under construction properties offer better initial rates and generate a better value for your money by the time the project is complete

About Resale Properties

Most prime localities in the metro cities don’t have enough space for a new residential project. This is where a resale property emerges as a viable option.

  • You can check the entire property for any flaws in construction like cracks and leakages and calculate the cost of renovation
  • You completely evade the risk of project delay, as there is no waiting period
  • Immediate possession help buyers in saving rent money
  • Immediate possession of the resale house helps you avail of tax benefits on the EMIs
  • You can also easily verify legal titles and can be assured of the legal status of the property
  • Another interesting benefit is that you get a clear idea of the kind of residents and neighbours. There is also better clarity on the maintenance charges.  
  • The cost of the resale property depends on the age of the property, location, and amenities.
  • Option for flexible payments may not be available in resale properties, and you may have to arrange the funds in a short duration but you may getter a better deal
  • Buyers most likely can purchase a larger home for the same money with a resale than with new construction
  • Depending on the state, resale homes may have lower property tax rates

Both types of properties have their own perks and it usually comes down to your preference. But these abovementioned points might help you make a better decision.

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